About Us

Welcome to Secure Cultures. We are a brand built on the premise that having self confidence and a "go getter" mentality is what gives you the strength and determination to live a fulfilled life that can often be met with trials, tribulations, and ridicule. When you live your truth, you own the power to define yourself and set your own limitations. Your past and your present are all necessary to make up who you are today. We advocate for chasing dreams, standing up for what you believe in, and embracing the things about you that sets you apart from those around you. 

Secure Cultures was established in 2016 by designer and CEO, Taffy Cunningham. With no design background, and after serving a ten year prison sentence, she has developed the brand within three short years to be featured in multiple publications, blazed the run way of several fashion shows and events, and sold her clothing all over the United States and abroad.  Her entrepreneural spirit has enabled her to continue to expand the brand by introducing new and innovative ideas and designs to satisfy the streetstyle in all of us. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to target self consciousness to the everyday person. Any level of awareness begins with self. Others do not define you or set your limitations or can see the true vision of your full potential. We encourage people to tap into the full potential of the life they want to live, regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in at the moment. Believe in you. Set goals. Follow your dreams, and don't let nothing stop you. Live your truth!

About The Owner

Here are a few quick facts you may not know about the Owner:

  • she witnessed her only brother get killed
  • went to prison behind the whole situation
  • was sentenced to 20 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections
  • fought her way out of prison by writing her own appeal and won!
  • by the time of her released she had served ten years
  • came home and taught herself how to graphic design and apparel print
  • launched Secure Cultures within three years of her release
  • has since started a graphics design company, Graphics By Taffy
  • has sold her brand all over the country, as well as some overseas countries
  • has had multiple features in the international publication, 360 Magazine