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About Us

Welcome to Secure Cultures. We are a brand built on the premise that having self confidence and a "go getter" mentality is what gives you the strength and determination to live a fulfilled life that can often be met with trials, tribulations, and ridicule. When you live your truth, you own the power to define yourself and set your own limitations. Your past and your present are all necessary to make up who you are today. We advocate for chasing dreams, standing up for what you believe in, and embracing the things about you that sets you apart from those around you.

We bring class to the streets, and give style to the struggle. Upper Class Poverty is a phrase that expresses the quality of the brand. Income may determine your circumstances, but your mentality determines your wealth. Dress up when dressing down. Join the Culture. LIVE YOUR TRUTH!

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce a level of social, political, and economical consciousness to the everyday person through fashion and style. Any level of awareness begins with self. Taking pride in how you look and feel is not determined by where you're from, where you live, or your income. It is determined by your self image. 

About The Owner

Here are a few quick facts you may not know about the Owner:

  • All her life she's been called Laffy Taffy
  • She got her nickname "Taffy" from the nurse that helped deliver her
  • Her Mom is from Liberia, West Africa
  • She's a self taught graphic designer 
  • She loves to watch Family Guy, Love and Hip Hop, but can watch CNN all day long
  • She graduated from North Carolina Central University, with a BA in Sociology
  • She has a dog name Dice 
  • She graduated from Athens Drive High School