My brother, Tyree Cunningham, posing for his senior year football pictures.

Why #22?

Some people believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. I can't say that I believe it one way or the other, but what I am convinced of is that there are hidden messages and patterns in our lives that are unique to the individual or to their bloodline. It takes deep insight into one's life to discover these patterns. That has been the case with me and the number 22. Somehow, someway it has always been there, lurking in the background, just waiting to be discovered. At times it was right in my face, and at other times quietly present. Once I began to pay attention, I started to see it more and more. At this point it's a hard sell for me not to believe that it has some type of meaning in my life. It's almost like I'm tied to it and it to me.

Here are just a few of the many ways that the number 22 has been a reoccurring number associated with my life.

My maternal grandfather, and patriarch of the family was born in 1922.

With his first wife (My mother's mom) he had 2 kids 2 years apart.

My mother also had 2 kids 2 years apart (Me and my brother, #RIPTyree)

She had me at 20 and had my brother at age 22

Both me and my bother's first, middle, and last names are 22 letters

In high school my basketball number was 22 and my brother's football number in high school and even before high school was 22

My brother died at the tender age of 22

His grave plot number is Lot 22C (It's crazy how the 'C' could represent our last name Cunningham)

After I got convicted I had to sit in the county jail for about a month until my sentencing hearing. My sentencing hearing was scheduled for April 20, 2004. Since I was in a small county, once sentenced, I would be getting transferred to prison the very next day. But, after the sentencing hearing on the 20th the judge needed another day to decide my punishment, so she continued the hearing to the next day, April 21, 2004. Because of the extra day that the judge needed, instead of my first day in prison being the 21st of April as originally planned, my first day on prison grounds was on April 22, 2004.

Once you get to prison your name and identity are replaced by two sets of numbers; 1. Your prison ID number and 2. Your PIN number to use the phone.
My prison ID# was R76036. 7+6+0+3+6 = 22
My PIN# for the phone was 787. 7+8+7 = 22

And even today, the randomly assigned business number for my company is (919) 504- 6220 (Had to end the list with a plug!)

I'm not sure if I covered everything but I think by now you get the picture. To sum it all up, I often incorporate the number 22 in my designs because it helps me feel closer to my brother. I think it's my way of making him be a part of this journey with me. But, it also makes it feel like this is a journey that's truly for me. Almost like it was assigned to me. It helps keep me focused on why I am even doing any of this in the first place. It reminds me of the good times, the hurt , the loss, the pain, the struggle, and the overcoming of it all!  

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