Taking It Up A Notch

One of the main objectives to having a business is to grow and scale it. At Secure Cultures we constantly keep that goal in the forefront of our minds. We understand that growing a business is about more than dropping new drops every week. There are major decisions and moves that have to be made behind the scenes to position a company to be able to successfully expand. Some ways we have decided to take things up a notch is by investing more in our marketing and advertising. Before, our ad spend was a big fat donut! We relied on free social media postings and engagements 100% as our marketing plan. With this being our fifth year in business, we understand that that is not gonna cut it in order to accomplish our long and short term goals, and to separate ourselves from those doing the bare minimum. We've began to take out a number of paid social media ads on most of the major platforms, and testing other platforms as well, and of course, Google Ads Smart Campaigns.

We've added key marketing apps to the online store to help grow our online presence and build customer trust and loyalty. However, I wanted to take it a step further. With all the iOS changes and noise out there in the market, I felt it best that I bring in some professionals to help with targeting and conversion. We are looking to bring the AI-Powered Google & Facebook ads technology company, StoreYa, to help us out! And probably our biggest most important business move yet, we have submitted our application for our IP!!! That's right. We have started the process to apply for a federal trademark. With a successful trademark, I will officially and legally own the company and can build real brand value and is the ultimate validation for any business. Trademarking allows for me to sell, franchise, or even lease the company name. It positions the company to be able to go public, and allows for investors to come onboard. In order to accomplish some of our bigger long term goals, having a trademark is a must! Without it, it will be close to impossible to get into department and retail stores around the country, or even do major deals with other trademarked companies.

     The important administrative moves being made to push the brand forward are just as, if not more, crucial than the products and services we offer. It all boils down to knowing the industry that you are in, and having a clear understanding about business. Stay tuned as we continue to find ways to keep taking things up a notch!

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