Six Months in the Game

Six months into the game and God has been good to the Culture! Secure Cultures went International in It's first month thanks to the big hommie Vaughn Lowery over at 360 Magazine surfing Instagram one faithful night and came across one of my post of a customer. That was literally my second customer! He reached out to me and the rest is history. The 360 Mag team has been instrumental in my international and media exposure. They keep Secure on the blogs. Gotta look to my hometown of Raleigh, NC as being the base of the supporters helping give legs to the movement. Many of my high school classmates have joined the Culture and are the reason that Secure are out here in these Raleigh streets. Can't forget my Illinois family who have also been supportive. But Secure has been blessed to touch places all over the continental USA from Virginia to Colorado. We have jumped into a few events that have done wonders for our exposure as well. The Black Market Event was a success. The next big event we have coming up is The Battle of the Brands 3 this March 26th at Club Divas in Raleigh. Big ups to Mr Marc Law for letting me jump on that. Many local designers will be coming together to showcase their brands and also local artist get a chance to have their voices be heard. The Culture will have Summa Boi and producer Leviticus Black lay the track that they are cooking up to accompany the set of the Secure showcase. We will also have a booth set up where you can come thru and join the Culture right there on the spot. We bought the big hommie World Class DeeJay TY to the team to bring his music expertise and his various avenues aboard. Overall, things have been going pretty good. All that we have to do is keep going. People are starting to realize that we are real about what we stand for. What sets Secure apart from a lot of other brands is that we don't contract out our graphics or our printing. It's all self taught and hand crafted. To God be the glory!
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