Learning As I Go

Yesterday I meet a lady by the name of JoJo, who is a business owner to a software company that grossed about 2.5 million dollars last year. She was nice enough to talk to me and give me some pointers on some key elements to growing a business. Anybody who knows anything about Secure Cultures knows that everything about it up to this point is by hands pretty much alone. I have realized that in order to get the brand to the next level it is time that I start to reach out to others for direction and mentorship. I feel like I've brought the brand as far as I can alone. Now I have to step it up. Way up! I need to be present on social platforms like LInkedIn. I have to blog more to help optimize my presence on Google search. I have to get my website more modernized. I have to start reaching out more to other brands and business people in the community. I mean, let's face it, I don't know what I don't know. There are several people out there that are willing to pay it forward with valuable knowledge and resources critical to my success. It's about time I tap in. My next stop, American Underground. It's an acceleration company for businesses that provides a treasure chess of valuable information to people like me. It's time to start talking and just daydreaming about where I want to go, and put in the footwork it takes to actually get there.
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