Expanding the Brand!

Expanding the Brand!

2020 has been a trying year for us all, but here at Secure, we have been determined to keep going in the face of all the social and economic uncertainty. Moving into our new location was just the beginning! In just a few weeks after settling into the new spot, we invested in another 15 x 15 Hix 400HTE heat press! This brings our count to two in the print shop. We also invested in a new GEO KNIGHT label press, which allows us to open the market up by offering custom face masks. The smaller label press gives us the ability to target hard to reach print areas on our products to enhance stronger application of the inks. Shortly before moving into our new location we invested in a UNINET graphics printer! This printer allows us to add another printing method beyond vinyl that allows us to print with white inks in our designs. Although we still use vinyl at times for some projects, we primarily use the graphics printer for our heat transfer printing method. 

We have grown to a point of having a fully functioning print shop within our new facility. However, we're far from reaching our goals and the machinery we hope to add in the near future. With our next investment we look to add an industrial single head embroidery machine to the shop! Embroidery is an area that just makes sense for us to expand into. With stitching added to our services we can improve on our product quality and open up our market to one of the fastest growing embellishment services in the industry.

Stay tuned for more big moves we're making in our quest to be the fully functioning in-house branding clothing company!

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