Applying For Our Trademark!

Applying For Our Trademark!

Earlier this week I reached out to The Trademark Factory to inquire about getting the brand trademarked. I liked this company because they do more than just file your trademark application, like these cheap online trademark companies. They actually take your trademark application from filing, to any office actions returned by the trademark office, to the actual getting of your trademark or YOUR MONEY BACK! Their 100% money back guarantee is what caught my attention most of all. So, I retained their services to getting a trademark for the brand. However, before actually filing the trademark application, the lawyers at The Trademark Factory do what is called a comprehensive trademark database search to assess the likelihood that they could, in fact, return a successful trademark to me. If after doing the comp search they felt that they could not return a successful result then I would have the option of getting my money back, going forward anyway (with no refund because I had been warned), or I would have to change the company name to something that was trademarkable.

For days I was a nervous wreck! Them coming back with a "no chance" evaluation would essentially mean that I would have to erase years of hard work and brand building, and rebrand the entire company by changing the name, concept, logo, you name it! But whatever doors God opens no man can close. Today I was contacted by my team at The Trademark Factory and was told that they have determined that my company name IS TRADEMARKABLE and that it has been placed under their 100% guarantee policy. I can't describe what this means for the future of the brand. I am overwhelmed with joy and praise. It will still take about a year to have everything finalized and a framed trademark hanging in my office, but as long as the trademark has been filed and is pending it does have protection against similar name filings. Secure Cultures will be able to own its own lane in the clothing industry. With a trademark, we can file cease and desist letters to infringers, and do big business, and make major moves. Just one more milestone to this journey of brand building from out the mud. 

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