Team Building

Anybody that has achieved a certain level of success will tell you that a critical part of doing so is having a team. When I first started the brand I was alone, LITERALLY!!! No financial help. No mentor to look to. I was able to go pretty far without any substantial help from anyone. However, as time went on certain people came along that provided their own little piece to add to the puzzle. I rekindled a friendship with an old flame that allowed me to use an empty space to be able to keep my equipment and perfect my craft. I began to meet local rappers and artist that were willing to promote my brand. I have ran across journalist that have taken the time to blog about Secure Cultures, as well as provide me with a media platform on an international level. I now have an extremely talented photographer who also does all my promotional videos. I've been able to build these critical relationships because of one thing and one thing only, I got started. Doing nothing will get you nothing. People only take you seriously if you have something to show for yourself. You can only go but so far by yourself. Success is a group effort. I wanna give special thanks to my photographer and videographer GQ Jones @Royal G Films and Photography. Be on the lookout for an up and coming rapper out of Mississippi, 4o$tachild (PRONOUNCED FOSTER CHILD). Check out his music on Gotta give thanks to the big hommie Vaughn Lowery for accepting me into the 360 Magazine family. Once you in you always in.

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