Taking this show on the road

The ton of bricks I have been waiting for has finally hit me! No question that social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram are crucial to the presence of any business, but there is another absolute must that I have to embark on to get the brand to the next level. I will be traveling around the country for the next couple of months going to various trade shows. I have to experience the vibe of the industry first hand, while networking with buyers and other brand owners, all while still honing my craft and perfecting my skills. My first stop is Atlanta, GA on April 1st. I need to see what it takes by observing the brands that will be set up there. I need to see what it looks like with how to interact with buyers and the like. I need to see it in order to know that one day I will be in it. This will be my first one. The first of many to come. This year I need to learn and experience things that I haven't done before. I want more out of what I am doing with the brand right now. I intend to do my part.
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