Promo Video

For months now I had been trying to put together my first promo video session for the brand. This summer line that is set to drop on May 6th was the perfect time to try and make it happen. On May 1st it finally did! The location was Method Road Community Center and the surrounding area in the neighborhood. Method has a particular special place in my heart. It is the place of many summer camps of my childhood. It's where I learned many of life's lessons, but most importantly, it is the place where the boys in the neighborhood use to beat me badly in basketball until i got good enough to start hanging with them on the court. Anybody who knows me knows that all through school basketball was my driving passion. Nevertheless, I felt like my first video shoot could be nowhere else but there. I linked up with one of the best cinematographers in the area, A Guy Called Quest, and my photographer, Lucas Vision, to help bring my vision to life. My models where Nakeisha aka She Slays, Anequia White, and Ricky. I even had a skateboarder come through to give a more street feel to the set. It was really a two in one shoot with video and still shot. With the new line ready to drop in just days now, the models really did their part in wearing the clothing as intended to look and feel. I couldn't be happier with the way things went. It was a long and hectic day but well worth the wait. Over the next few weeks I will be working closely with Quest to make sure that the final video project is on point. Thanks to everybody that had a part in making this happen.


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