Officially Trademarked

Officially Trademarked

We are so excited to announce that another one of the brand's major goals has been accomplished. On January 10, 2023 Secure Cultures gained Its IP and is now a registered trademarked business. This is huge for the company and a milestone for us all. With us having our trademark we are poised to open up to new and bigger markets and opportunities. Registration gives us legal standing over all others in the US who might seek to adopt the registration mark or anything similar to it that may cause market confusion. That means Secure Cultures owns the lane from any company (within our class category) with a similar name or variation of it that seeks to get a trademark. Having registration significantly reduces the costs of enforcing trademark rights. Having the trademark provides for enhanced protection against counterfeiters, cybersquatters, and importers of infringing product. 

The company is now a tangible asset that can take on investors and shareholders to help us grow and expand into new markets. Being registered adds value to the brand and puts our competitors and the public on notice of the rights, true ownership, and strength of the legal protections of the company.

What a great way to start the year!!!

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