Loving What I Do

There is no way that you can go into a business not truly loving what you do. There are going to be tough times and a lot of pitfalls. Especially when you are trying to establish yourself and build trust with the people. It is because of times like these that the love for it has to be the motivation for the grind. If you ain't got that you are sure to get discouraged and give up before you even give yourself a chance to get off the ground. People are gonna tell you no. You can't let that get to you. You just gotta understand that every yes ain't the right timing for you right now. You gotta believe in you wholeheartedly first before anybody else will. You also can't be too focused on the money. Chasing the money will surely knock you off your square! The money is probably the last thing to come. What's most important is the reason. The love. The message. The whole point of why you chose to do what you doing. Yeah I've made some sales along the way, but certainly not enough to feel like I'm where I wanna be financially. To be honest, every time I don't focus on the money, that's when it comes. Instead I focus on the mission. The customer experience. Making sure that I have a presentation that speaks for itself.
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