Expanding Our Services

Expanding Our Services

At Secure we are always looking for ways that set us apart. One way we look to do so is with the growing and expanding of our in-house services. We took a good look out on the fashion world landscape and saw that our competitors were pretty much all in the same lane, with using sub par printing methods and materials to run their businesses. For this reason, we felt it necessary to not abandon our apparel printing services, but to build on it! Earlier this year we decided to invest in our first commercial grade embroidery machine! That's right! Now, not only do we provide professional graphic design services, along with custom apparel printing, we now offer custom embroidery services! Our investing in top grade commercial machinery not only allows us to upgrade our customizing services, but it also elevates the brand. We seek to continue to grow and expand our services, while improving our products. 


New Embroidery Machine: Ricoma EM 1010

10 Needle head

*Digitizing services available

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