Establishing a Brand

The fashion industry is so massive that to be recognized or even heard of is a task in and of itself. A lot of businesses think that because they start a clothing line that they automatically become a brand and the money flood gates will start pouring as soon as they press the publish button to open their online store. If only it worked that way! What I've quickly realized is that making sells has nothing to do with establishing yourself as a brand. Hell, your cousins could buy from you just to support. But if they're anything like mine, even that ain't happening. Being a brand is about building trust and relationship with people. It's about being true to form. It's about knowing who you are and what you stand for. You have to present yourself to people in a way that they begin to believe in you. They believe what you say. They believe what they see. Brand building is about consistency. People need to know, with no uncertainty, exactly what they're getting when they have any level of interaction with you. As we all know, building trust takes time.
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