Building Our Team

We are so proud to announce another level of growth we recently achieved! We have added our first two employees to the team! With the growing and expanding of the company, we saw the need to hire help to keep up with the growing demand of our products and services. Our First hire is Florence Cunningham Witherspoon. She is our lead seamstress, responsible for all the alterations, repairs, tagging, and all other sewing needs. She is an invaluable part of our overall operations and we couldn't be happier to have her on board! Our second and most recent hire is Mr. Jonathan Lyons. Mr. Lyons came to us with very little experience in the retail industry. However, his excellent interview, and ability to learn quickly on the job has made him a very necessary addition to the print shop. He works closely with the designer and CEO of the brand (me)  to manufacture the many looks you see displayed in our online store. As the company continues to grow we look to keep providing employment opportunities to members of our community. Please join me in welcoming them both to the team!

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