Brand Building

The Black Market in the Park Event yesterday was hopefully the first of many successes that we have. It was just a beautiful sea of people that came out to support local black businesses, while enjoying live music and good food. Secure Cultures' presence was definitely felt. We made a lot of connections and brought some people into the Culture. Doing events like this is vital to our establishing ourselves as a brand. You can have the best product or message or service in the world, but if you don't get out and talk to the people and let your existence be known then you're chances of being successful diminish significantly. We networked and marketed and promoted the brand to the best of our ability. As a result of some networking, we got another media hit. On Dec 4, @7pm est tune into the Patricia A Murray YouTube channel for an exclusive interview with the Owner of Secure Cultures, Taffy Cunningham. If you haven't done so yet go to website and check out the Secure Cultures feature on page 147. We're keeping this thing going for as long as we can. Our message is real and our mission is clear. LIVE YOUR TRUTH.


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